• Testimonials 2016

    Acad. Prof. Dr. Eng.d.h.c. Liviu Dumitrescu,

    President of AIIR, Chairman of the Expo Conference CONTRACTOR Installation 2015

    As far as the Contractor conference is concerned, I can say that it was even better than the one from last year due to the well organised presentations from the program and the higher number of participants which is in a constant increase from year to year. All in all, the event was a success and I want to assure our partners Abplus Events of the whole support of AIIR in the future.

    Eng. Gheorghe Țucu,

    President of the Romanian standardization body ASRO, and member of the Board of RENAR, the Romanian certification body

    I am impressed with the topics, the seriousness, the depth of the presentations and last but not least, with the organization and all the elements that come with the logistic part of the event. I will come back next year with pleasure and I will surely recommend my partners to participate at this conference in the future.

    Conf. Univ. Dr. Cătălin Lungu,

    President of the Romanian Installation Engineers Association, Wallachia branch, and Vice President of the Governing Board of AIIR

    Contractor is a benefical event for specialists in the domain of architecture and installations. It is actually an exceptional idea to gather in the same place two types of specialists who collaborate with each other during projects. I think it’s one of the few events that prove its utility, because there are many conferences organised that don’t fulfill their purpose everytime.